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Hello fellow cosplayers. I have surfaced again and from the ashes I bring you the Cage dress, which I said I would NEVER wear again, but was forced a weekend ago by a couple of friends of mine. I know you guys are probably sick of seeing this thing, but honestly, these are some of the best pictures I've ever gotten of it so I'd thought I'd share. XD

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The local mall! Got some interesting looks out of this one... I love how I almost always look like I'm about to fall over while standing. And my new hair color, people.. trying to get it ready for KR Cube Shinya, and failing. Note to self.. make use of the internet and find the RIGHT color, not the one that looks like your natural hair color *thud*.

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At the other, less local mall, that has pretty scenery and nice benches to pose on. I always cross the wrong leg. Never fails.

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My favorite! :D And yes.. I'm aware of how pale my face looks, but seriously.. the make-up does blend better than that in real life.. I swear. >.<;

Also, I hope this is allowed, if it's not please say so... I am currently unemployed and this is my only way of making money, so here's a bit of plugage. Plus, I thought many of you would appreciate the sentiment.

Tell your friends and spread the word!
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