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Hello lovelies~!
I'm posting beeecause...I need help.
I'm hoping this question is an easy one to answer ;A;

But basically, I want to cosplay "Obscure" Toshiya for the next con.
I'm having trouble finding good reference pictures to work with. I have none =x just the video on damned Youtube.
The only pics I've found is of a cosplayer, but I'm not sure how well THEY'RE doing it, you know? So yeah >.<
This is them:
I think it's done nicely but like I said, lack of reference pictures for mee >.<

And I'm have trouble locating a trenchcoat D=
I've been told Hot Topic, but I haven't seen any on their site or even at the store near my house.

So can anyone help me out either by pointing me in the direction of a good black trenchcoat (that isn't too too pricey) or good pictures?
Much appreciated ^_^
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